Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 28 April 2014
Dear Ones We’ve definitely had a change of seasons in the past two weeks. I’m sitting at the computer with my fuzzy dressing gown on to keep warm while I write. Today I put the feather duvet on my bed so I can be warm and cosy and not have so many layers over me. But, the days have been sunny and bright – I’m not complaining. March was a month of rain, torrents of it. April we’ve not had so much rain, but I got caught twice with heavy rain storms. At times like that I’m very aware of those who are praying for our protection. The last one was on a Wednesday just as we got to the church for Kid’s Club. All the little ones were safely in the building when it began to rain buckets. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the middle of such a storm with rain pelting on the tin roof, a strong wind and above all that a roar. I’m convinced there was a small tornado as the wooden shack on the property got lifted up and set back down in pieces. Thank the Lord the tin roof and veranda of the church building held! Looking around the neighbourhood afterwards, there didn’t seem to be any major damage to any one’s house other than the big rain. Our monthly Groenfontein Ladies Tea was rather interesting. I had a neighbour collect me and she has a small truck/tractor like vehicle with no doors and drives it in regular bush fashion. I held on for dear life! When we got to the neighbour’s home for tea there was a guest there – dressed in a short white flowered dress, but with his hiking boots on. He? Was introduced as Robin. I just felt sad. Please pray for him. The Bible Studies continue with the youth taking more leadership. We’ve been studying with the 10-14 year olds the Ten Commandments and then bringing in Jesus’ teaching as well. One day when I asked, “What is the first commandment”, one of the younger ones answered, “Thou shalt not worship your ancestors.” The lesson on “Thou shalt not commit adultery” was strong. Afterwards, one of the older boys said, “If you don’t want them to do naughty things we need to provide things for them to do. I will come after school every day so they can play soccer and with hulu hoops.” This week I will get a volley ball for them as well. A highlight was the monthly prayer meeting to prepare for the Revival Meeting in July with Stephen Lungu, a man who was deserted by his mother at the age of 5 and is now the leader of a large Christian organization in South Africa. His story is amazing and a real testimony to the power of prayer. We want to reach out more to families in Leseding and are planning regular “Family Film Nights” using some of the great Christian DVD’s available, such as “Courageous”. The first one is to be 3 May. Please pray! This past weekend I went to Johannesburg to get The Source published by Cathie and Nadia – as next Sunday is the 100th year celebration at St Johns I was anxious to get it ready. It was also our family celebration together with Kathleen on her 45th birthday! Many friends were there as well as the family so it was a lovely get-together! Connie and Kath did Tex-Mex food and it was yummy! Thank you for your prayers. I’m to see the eye specialist on the 9th of May. And that evening is my eldest granddaughter’s 21st Birthday Party! The 12, 13, 14 of May I’m booked to do a bookkeeping course in Joburg. The photos are of the children playing at the church, and a glorious sunset we had a couple of weeks ago. I named it Glory! I could imagine the dark clouds in the foreground as the troubles and trials we go through in this life - but behind it all is God’s glory which awaits us! Much love in our Lord, Marilyn

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